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AI.Energy Solutions

Currently, we provide two primary solution streams: our first generation of AI models tailored for energy capital projects, alongside our comprehensive software suite. This suite includes three essential tools designed to assist both project and discipline engineers in their daily tasks across Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) phases.


Significant Costs Savings 

Currently, by leveraging our solutions, our clients have achieved cost reductions ranging from 5 to 9% of their overall project budgets, with variations depending on project types and specific client circumstances.

Collaboration with Engineers: Enhancing Focus on Core Skills

AI.Energy solutions redefine engineering workflows, decreasing the time engineers spend on unproductive activities and allowing them to focus more on core engineering skills, such as problem-solving, optimization, and innovation. This transformation not only improves project execution but also creates a conducive environment for Engineering innovation.


Contributions to Energy Security and Transition

By accelerating project completion that enhances global energy capacity and facilitates access to crucial minerals for renewable technologies, our technology significantly contributes to global energy security. It supports the energy transition and fosters economic growth, playing a crucial role in the broader energy landscape.

David M. - Senior VP – O&G Operator, ME

"These tools have the potential to significantly disrupt O&G project management. It could completely transform our approach to projects“

Emmanuel N. - Project Director - EPCC Contractor, US

. "I find the demonstrated tool incredibly exciting - I can't help but envision the numerous instances where it could have aided my projects in achieving their targets.“

Alexander D. - Engineering Manager - O&G Operator, US

The demonstrated software is truly revolutionary. Delays and the resulting costs often arise from a lack of alignment. This feels like the dawn of a new era for O&G projects.“

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