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About Us

Transforming your capital projects with AI-powered solutions specifically designed for the O&G | Mining | Energy industry.

We are team of experienced engineers and management consultants who are passionate about technology and have worked in renowned O&G, Mining,  tech and management consulting companies. We aim to empower O&G, Mining and Energy companies by providing cutting-edge AI solutions that optimize and automate their capital projects. Our range of products are specifically tailored to the needs of the industry.


Our Vision

Our vision is to shape a future where capital projects in the energy sector achieve unparalleled cost effectiveness and experience minimal delays. In this envisioned future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be at the core, enabling these advancements and setting new industry standards.

Aligned with this vision, our mission is to weave AI into every aspect of capital project management, from feasibility stages through execution, and completion. By doing so, we aim to allow companies and engineers to focus on their expertise, optimizing efficiency and productivity while adhering to our vision of reduced costs and delays.


Our Team

At AI.Energy, our engineers, are at the heart of our innovation and the driving force behind our mission to reshape the energy sector. They blend decades of industry-specific experience in oil & gas and mining with advanced expertise in Artificial Intelligence, creating a powerhouse of knowledge that propels us forward.


Meet our Executive Team


Mariem Akrout

Mariem holds the position of Managing Director within AI.Energy organization.

Her extensive professional background includes collaborations with leading corporations in the oil, gas, and mining industries, as well as with management consulting firms.

Mariem has contributed to multi-billion dollar energy capital projects. Starting her career as a capital project engineer, she embarked on a journey into artificial intelligence (AI) several years ago. Since then, she has been dedicated to leveraging AI to address challenges in capital projects, demonstrating her continuous commitment and leadership in integrating innovative solutions in Energy capital projects.


Ryan Wong

Ryan serves as Chief Technology Officer within AI.Energy organization.

He brings to the table 15 years of expertise in software development, with a significant emphasis on AI technologies. His experience spans the successful deployment of comprehensive AI solutions across the United States and Canada. Ryan's deep-seated knowledge and innovative approach are pivotal in steering our organization towards new heights of innovation and excellence.

200+ O&G, Mining and Tech Professionals’ Network

Our core team is supported by a broad network of professionals who have collaborated with industry leaders, in the O&G, mining and tech sectors.

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